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Lashylicious By Farah



We know firsthand how difficult it is to find brushes that are fluffy and soft to the touch, yet firm enough to apply the right amount of product you need. Multi-purpose brushes that distribute color evenly and perfectly every single time. And of course, brushes that are made of glorious materials, and easy to maneuver.

Have you been finding it challenging to locate the perfect brushes to apply your makeup evenly and beautifully? Brushes that do not break the bank and yet high-quality and professional?

Well, look no further. The company that brought you the amazingly luxurious mink lashes is now unveiling an entirely new makeup brush line, and this line is better and more high-quality than anything you have ever seen before.

 With this new brush line by Lashylicious, innovator and founder Farah (@farahpromakeup) has developed a set of gorgeously delicious makeup brushes that are different and more unique than any other makeup line out there. And that's not all, our brushes come with a 2-year manufacturing defect warranty.

With a complete line of brushes, including a contour brush extraordinaire, a plush face brush, an incredible blush brush, a slew of magnificent eye brushes, a brow brush, and more, there is truly no other brush that you will ever need than what is already included in this comprehensive 17 piece set!

 The wonderful line of brushes by Lashylicious are just that magical. They glide onto the skin smoothly and with precision, they don’t tug at the delicate skin around the eyes, and they distribute product evenly. They come with brilliant handles that make applying makeup easy and quick, and they will never ever shed hairs or break apart. The best part, all of these delightful brushes will be extremely affordable. To be fair, these makeup brushes are pure perfection. 

The new line of these luxury brushes will be released in just 20 days! So, get ready, get set, and go! Prepare yourself by turning your makeup game all the way on with the fabulous new line of makeup brushes by Lashylicious.

All of our brushes come with our satisfaction guaranty and a 2-year manufacturing defect warranty.

Thank you for your interest in Lashylicious,


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