How many times can I wear Lashyllcious eyelashes?
Lashylicious eyelashes are durable and can be worn over 20+ times. However, this really depends on the periods of times that you wear them. The more time you wear them the more you tap into the lifetime of the mink fur. Obviously, the more you take care of your eyelashes the more they last.
How fast can I apply Lashylicious eyelashes?
It usually depends on your skill and the type of glue you are using. Some of the bad quality glue can be frustrating. Lashylicious is developing its own brand of glue (stay tuned!). The tackier the glue becomes before applying the lashes, the easier the application will be, but in all cases it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.
How to apply Laashylicious eyelashes if I am a beginner?
Farah made available (in the tutorials section) a step-by- step video on how to apply Lashylicious eyelashes . However, we recommend that you practice on a couple of synthetic eyelashes before you apply your mink eyelashes.
Where can I wear lashyliclous eyelashes?
You can wear Lashylicious eyelashes everywhere, work, night outs, meetings, weddings…etc - basically everywhere you want to look glamorous - day or night. Obviously, it is not recommended to wear any false lashes under water, near a heat source or during sleeping.
Is the brand Lashylicious cruelty free?
Yes. Lashylicious eyelashes are only handcrafted from the finest naturally shed mink hairs.
How do I take care of Lashylicious eyelashes?
1- After each use turn the eyelashes back to their original box and close the box to prevent them from any bacterial or dust which can ruin your eyelashes. 2- Don’t swim / Shower or use lashylicious eyelashes underwater. 3- Do not apply mascara to Lashylicious eyelashes since mascara can ruin the mink fur.
How to remove Lashylicious eyelashes?
Dab some oil-free makeup remover on a cotton swab and gently move it on along the band, wait couple of seconds and gently pull the outer corner band to the inner. Don’t use alcohol to remove your eyelashes or pull the inner band to start removing the eyelashes. Remove any access glue that might be left on the band after removing it, and store it back to the original box.
How to clean Lashylicious eyelashes?
After removing the eyelash, place it on a clean surface and start coming the mink fur using a boor spoolie, the soak a cotton swab with an oil-free makeup remover and gently pass it among the band and the roots for couple of seconds, then comb the lash again with brow spool to take out any access makeup that has been already stuck on it, finally remove the access glue on the eyelash band and store it in the Lashylicious box where it’s safe from and dust.
Whats the difference between Mink lashes and synthetic lashes?
Synthetic lashes are usually made of human hair, can be worn for a short period of time, it is a cheaper alternative for mink eyelashes but not as natural looking and curly as the mink lashes nor comfortable or lightweight.
Does Lashylicious offer wholesale?
Yes, for more informations please contact us at sales@lashylicious.com
Who founded Lashylicious eyelashes?
A famous makeup artist FarahProMakeup on Instagram worked hard to bring you the best quality of luxury mink eyelashes that are beautifully handcrafted with the finest mink hair